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Glyphix Icons

Glyphix Icons are metallic emblems that conform and adhere to flat or curved surfaces without damaging finishes. Whether applied to hard goods or textiles, adhesives can be matched for any application. From polished chrome to brushed metal, virtually any combination of color, texture, and shape are attainable.

Glyphix Icons are ideal for a wide spectrum of design and branding, including collectible applications and apparel. Embossing/debossing adds and extra level of detail by creating raised and recessed areas to your icon. Allowing for pin lines and wide areas to be shaped into infinite possibilities while retaining its ability to be applied to both hard good and textiles. Our process is fully customizable to whatever textile you desire. Clean edges and metallic finishes make Glyphix Icons a step above embroidery. There is no better way to represent the quality of your brand, and to stand out than with Glyphix Icons.

Polyurethane Doming

Our Polyurethane Domes are UV, chemical and impact resistant. They will not yellow over time or be damaged by sunlight. they polyurethane works to protect the printed image from scratching, fading, peeling, or becoming weather damaged. Both scripted and contoured domes are possible with our state of the art automated doming process. Virtually any logo or shape can be domed, allowing for a wide array of visual possibilities.

Flat Labels

We specialize in manufacturing pressure-sensitive adhesive backed decals. We have access to any type of material for any project and are able to customize adhesive for any application. With multiple printing platforms we can print to many types of materials such as polyester, vinyl, plastics, canvas, and reflective films, to name a few. Whatever your project requirements are we can exceed them.

Banners and Displays

Banners or displays can be used for a range of purposes. Display them at conventions to increase your brand recognition and value, or use them in house to announce new products and promotions. For nearly every event your company hosts or attends, a custom banner or display can help spread your marketing message.

Vehicle Graphics

Whether your are a small business or have a corporate fleet our team is fully trained to help you and your business. Combining our polyurethane doming technology and flat vehicle wraps assures you will stand out and become noticed by customers.

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