What is a Glyphix Icon?

Glyphix icons are high quality decals that are 3-D and flexible in nature. Glyphix icons are a great way to elevate your brand without breaking the bank with custom metal or wood designs. These custom decals can be almost any texture, any size and any shape. Whether you’re looking to place a glyphix icon on a hat or on a metal car, they are ideal for placing your brand or design on almost anything without spending a lot of money or looking cheap with simple “sticker”.

What’s the difference between a Glyphix Icon and a sticker?

The only thing that a sticker and a glyphix icon have in common is that both are easy to apply. Unlike a sticker, glyphix icons are weather proof that can stand the test of time. They don’t leave residue or cause any damage to the applied surface. Stickers can’t stick to everything, but we have yet to find something that a glyphix icon can not stick to. The different textures and finishes make these icons an epic addition to clothing, signs, office spaces, cars, etc.

Why use CR Graphics for your Glyphix Icons?

Unlike a simple printer, here at CR Graphics we operate industry leading technology to create the most intricate and beautiful decals. We have traveled the world teaching and learning alongside the best in the industry to assure that we are the best clients that our clients could find. If you would like to see how exactly we create our icons, we would love to have you call or swing by our shop.

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